Sabtu, 15 November 2008

Leiman Marcus's Limited Edition Fighter Motorcycle : Get Rough & Elegan!

New James Bond's movie Quantum Solace is still on wide screen right now, and many of us obsessed to get into rough & elegant style like Bond. Yes you're not Daniel Craig, but you could be more elegant than him, by having this fantastic motorcycle.

Fashion designer Neiman Marcus, together with courtesy from Confederate Motor Company has released their limited edition Fighter motorcycle. Designed bare bones without cover, silver steel all over its body with black rubber accent, makes it looks rough but still elegant.

Design is useless unless it has great performance. Confederate Motor Company gave their latest engine technology for this motorcycle, so it could speeds up to 190mph on highway. With 64" wheelbase, 27" seat, integrated breaking system, and many high tech features, makes it worth you spend $110.000 to have motorcycle. They only produce 45 unit, so be quick to have one of it!