Senin, 25 Agustus 2008

Everclear - Not to Pick Up Chicks!

Liquors and other alcoholic beverages are our handy mate to pick up chicks. And fire camp on cabin is suitable enough to build romantic sensation to attract our girl to bed. Nice combination, but can we make them with one ingredient?

Yes, if you've got this firebreath maker Everclear. Everclear is considered as one of the strongest alcoholic drink available on market today, not to say that it's actually a ( almost ) pure alcohol liquid packed in tall liquor bottle. Everclear is grain alcohol, and available in 95% alcohol concentration / 190 proofs (!) and 75,5% alcohol concentration / 151 proofs. That's more than enough to build a camp fire ( or burning your house). Ordinary pick up chicks already get hangover with a drought beer, and double shot of Vodka ( 40% alcohol ) is enough to kick her ass. So, just imagine what would happen if you give single shot of Everclear to her...

95% alcohol version Everclear is illegal in more than 10 states, but we can still have the 75,5% version instead. So, how's the flavor of this fire-starter liquid? The good news is it doesn't contain much sugar and flavor additive, so ( maybe ) it's save to drink if you won't get hangover the next morning. But Everclear is rarely consumed in the pure state and almost always used in cocktails. Well, who dare to, anyway?

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