Jumat, 10 Oktober 2008

Kevlar Handkerchief - To Clean Up and To Protect Against Bullet

Personal security is a big problem in some major cities these days, specially if this financial crisis goes for a long time and (I hope not) leads to great depression. Thanks to modern technology and invention, now we have so many alternative to protect ourself.

Sruli Recht, a fashion house, has just released their new breakthrough - a bulletproof handkerchief. Named as DAEMDUR (the damned), this handkerchief is made by military grade kevlar, which has good resistance against pistol bullet. And still usable as ordinary handkerchief, you can clean up your face against dust and sneeze.

So, how to use this James Bond's ultimate protector? Fold the handkerchief just like instruction on package, and place it into your chest pocket. Now your chest is safe from pistol bullet. How about the opposite chest? Just place another handkerchief inside your pocket, see?

I doubt if this product could really protect us from danger... Would anyone try some pistol shooting experiment with this handkerchief? product page

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