Selasa, 30 September 2008

Wanna Be a Genius For a While? Maybe This Hat Would Make It Come True

Do you ever dreamed to be a genius or very creative person, like an artist? You have studied music or painting, but already give up your dream because you're not creative enough?

There's a new hope for you, coming from some Sidney Univ. researcher from Australia. Dailymail reported that now they're developing a "thinking cap" that could artistic and reading ability, and boost your creativity only by wearing it for few minutes, simply it's able to unlock hidden potential in human brain.

Yes, this invention is still far away from market. But just imagine this, by this time now, only some few of us are able to make a painting or sculpture, and only a small number of them are categorized as masterpiece of art. But few years later, maybe we will see an "artist" without art education background and lack of experience produce many masterpiece painting, only by wearing this "smart" cap. It seems that in future, we could short passed art education to be an artist.

And what's wrong with that? I myself studying painting right now, and I know how it's hard to be a good artist, and we have to learn it for many years to be a good and idealistic painter. It seems that our next generation could be an artist instantly without proper education or experience, only by wearing this cap. Technology is very helpful, but for some reason we have to keep in mind that learning process is something more valuable than modernization.

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