Senin, 22 September 2008

5 Tips to Increase Your Confidence Instantly

Confidence is a part of success. But sadly, many people these days are lack of confidence at all. I myself were have no confidence, but I got these simple tips from my friend, and I'd like to share it here :

1. Do proper grooming
Appearance is one big part of confidence. You don't have to be a blinked metrosexual guy, just spend more time for shower, shaving, brushing... and the new you has born!

2. Set goals and make it happened
Make your own daily, monthly, and lifelong goals, and accomplish it. You can start by making
simple goals and accomplish it in short time, and stepped to bigger goals. By accomplishing
goals, your confidence will grow even higher than before.

3. Exercise
I know many people hate this part (including me). Just imagine yourself with exhausted body
and weakened muscles. How could we build self confidence with that bad condition? Have a
15 minutes daily exercise, let your blood flow in your body, and start a new day!

4. Never stop learning new knowledge
Constant learning is biggest part of self development, yet it will boost your confidence either.
By having new knowledges and skills, you have new chance to show your capability, making
new friend and find new job, and uprising your confidence.

5. Have a nice flashback of your pastime success
Success and failure is part of everyone's life. If you failed and made mistake recently, and
trapped in bad mood, there's simple way to get rid of the bad situation. Have a nice seat at a
comfortable sofa, close your eyes, try to remembering your pastime success. Maybe you have
won little league at your primary school, dating the hottest girl at your school, or receiving
your first salary at your dream job. If you started to remember how it feels to be successful,
write it on a paper or note. This note proofing that you can be successful too, just like other
successful people. Read that note everytime you feel dumped or wasted, and start a new day!

Is that too simple? Maybe, but by practicing it, you will find a big difference in you. Have a nice day, and a "new" confidence!

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