Minggu, 07 September 2008

Warm Your Foot With Miharaya Suhiro Fur Sneakers

Our ancestors once wore fur shoes to avoid cold temperature in winter. Their fur shoes was very warm, according to archeology findings, but it also absorbed water, so they couldn't wore it after the snow melts. Now we uses plastic made boot-shoes to protect our foots in winter, yet it's safe to be wear in spring.

Fur shoes is dead? Not really.
Designer Miharaya Suhiro collaborated with Puma have just released his collections, including these fur sneakers. Did he only attached fur on his shoes? Not really, actually he created 2 different shoes, and attached it to be a shoe. So, it's really a combination of sneakers and fur shoes.

Can we use it in winter, for snow mountain hiking, maybe?
I will not encourage you to wear these sneakers for snow mountain hiking, but it match to next winter fashion. Just go to Miharaya Suhiro's page for more info!

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